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Wrecked Media

And Here's Where We Rec Everything Else!

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Welcome to wrecked_media, the sister community of wrecked_fic intended to rec everything else!

What do you mean by media? Well, under the umbrella we mean pretty much everything that isn't fanfiction. A great vid, perhaps? An amazing meta you found on someone's journal that we all ought to read? A bit of fanart or even a photomanipulation? It's not a fic, so this is where it goes!

wrecked_media, like wrecked_fic, was established so that a group of friends could share their recommendations with one another (or anyone who happened to want a look, too) and also so that these recs could be easily referenced later. Because there's no "theme" to this community we have no guidelines for content or fandom. Members are welcome to rec anything – any fandom, any type of media, etcetera. Expect plenty of variety.

Everyone is welcome to comment on any posts made. Thought it was awesome? Thought it sucked? Let everyone know. Reccers should be ready to defend their choices.

While it's not up yet, we are working on an actual site – stay tuned!

Due to the nature of the group, membership (i.e. posting access) is closed. Watching the community, however, is encouraged – please feel free to add this community to your friends list.

Looking for something in particular? A good vid, perhaps, or just something in a specific fandom? Take a look at our tags.


This is a rec community, and as such has no conversational posts and therefore not much need for obvious spoiler warnings. However, the media recced may contain spoilers. No spoiler warnings are required, but we will try to include warnings for non-common-knowledge-yet information. If the book has been out for at least a month or the episode aired more than a week ago, we expect you're familiar with what happens. If not, proceed with caution.

Everything posted first goes through the goat (commodoremarie) to make sure the formatting is correct. Please let her know if you have a problem with anything – she'll do her best to get it straightened out.